Silvia Gallova, MCC

Coach, Supervisor & Mentor, Organizational Development Consultant, Learning Facilitator


About me

It’s so simple: coaching is my mission, people are my passion 😊

My journey as a coach started in 2010 and since that time I had a privilege to work with clients from various industries and fields, including NGOs, entrepreneurs and multinational corporations.

I coach individual clients, as well as teams going through change period on organizational systematic level. My work is a vivid combination of:

  • Transactional Analysis
  • Mindfulness & Compassion
  • Body-Experience approach

In organizations, I specialize in these areas:

  • Psychological safety and mental health for employees
  • Unconscious patterns in communication
  • Leading virtual teams, online collaboration, and communication
  • Strategy workshops

My work on an organizational level is based on the theory of Transactional Analysis, psychodynamic approach, and Agile, Design Thinking and Liberating Structures principles. Combination of these allows me to design and coach strategical changes and workshops using full “wisdom of the crowd” under the circumstances which are natural for the organization and by using visual tools to enable transparency, collaboration, and full potential of the change process.

…because, if you ask me, why I wake up every morning, my answer would be, to help to create a better workplace for people to live in.

As an ICF registered Mentor Coach and certified Coach Supervisor, I enjoy my time while working with my fellow coaches helping them to move to a higher proficiency level.

Apart from my individual work with clients and my work in organizations, I am also delivering professional coaching trainings.

Within the International Centre for Business Coaching (based in UK) I hold the position of Director of Training and I am a tutor on diploma courses:

  • Diploma in Business Coaching (ACTP by ICF)
  • Diploma in Coaching Supervision (CCEUs by ICF)
  • Diploma in Team Coaching (CCEUs by ICF)

I have reached the Master Certified Coach (MCC) level of certification from International Coach Federation (ICF).

I am active in professional coaching organizations, because I believe it is important to create conditions for coaches that will support their growth and development.

Within Slovak Association of Coaching (SAKO), I am a member of Accreditation and Certification Committee.

I am also a Council Member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in Czech Republic responsible for the area of quality standards, ethics, supervision and research.

I work in Slovak and English language.

What I offer


Individual Coaching

I work with my clients on various topics from their work or personal life. My clients come from different backgrounds and countries; however, they have one thing in common: they are ready to invite change into their lives. They are ready to see themselves differently, to experience their relationships in a new way, to be more spontaneous and autonomous in everyday life. I also help my clients during transition period to a new leadership role.

I offer sessions live and online, in Slovak or English language.


Team Coaching

I work with teams from psychodynamic and systemic perspective. Most frequently I am involved in work with leadership teams in resolving disfunctions and unhelpful patterns of interactions. I also facilitate team/organization strategy sessions. When working with teams, I usually work in a collaboration with one of my partner organizations in delivering the sessions.

Team coaching sessions can be done live and online, in Slovak or English language.



In supervision, I invite my supervisee into deep self-reflection process grounded in the protected, supportive, and trustful space for a safe dialogue. I am bringing my whole attention to help the client grow, to define blind spots and possible traps in their work. This allows the client to see a bigger picture of their work and offers a safe space for experiments with new techniques or interventions.

Based on my professional experience, I provide supervision for coaches, team coaches, adult learning facilitators, and leaders. I usually work on an individual level, but I am also running a group supervision sessions. Groups for supervision are formed in the beginning and continue as closed groups.

I offer sessions live and online, in Slovak or English language.



As a registered ICF Coach-Mentor, I offer individual or group mentoring sessions for coaches who are aspiring for ACC, PCC or MCC credential from The International Coach Federation (ICF) or for re-credentialing process in ICF.

I also offer a long-term mentoring for people who are on their journey of becoming a professional coach as a way of individual learning and growing.

I offer sessions live and online, in Slovak or English language.



By utilizing my experience from various international companies and experience of my partners (see partners section), we are ready to prepare in-house training based on the individual needs of each client. “Most wanted” topics include internal coaching programs, coaching for leaders, leading virtual team, online facilitation, unconscious patterns in communication, mental health of employees. Apart from trainings, I offer also short webinars and lectures on above mentioned topics.

Trainings can be done live and online, in Slovak or English language.



In the field of consulting, I am building on my long-term experience of implementation of the coaching culture and know-how in the field of L&D. I help my clients to implement coaching culture including design and delivery of the coaching training and building the system of supervision of the internal coaches. In the L&D field I help to set up L&D strategy, train internal trainers, create competency profiles for the roles and implement the whole system of internal education, including internal mentoring and supervision programs. I truly believe in the concept of Learning Organization and I either might help a client to implement this concept into their culture, or I am applying these principles where appropriate when designing all L&D strategies.

Consulting services can be delivered live and online, in Slovak or English language.

My Education

My Philosophy

My mother taught me that on every occasion, people do the best they can in the certain moment. And that they have good reasons why they behave the way they behave.

I guess it was these two messages I received soon in my childhood that evoked my interest in the psychodynamic work. I believe that understanding of our unconscious patterns brings more clarity to our decisions and letting unhelpful patterns go invites more autonomy to our lives. My approach is rooted in theory of Transactional Analysis and its key philosophy:

  • I see every human being as “being OK” and I work with my clients from I am OK – You are OK position.
  • I believe my clients has their own capacity to think and a huge potential and my role is to help my clients to connect with these capacities and not to be in their way to reach them.
  • I believe that each of us has unconsciously, very long ago, created a script about how our life is going to look like and that this script can be re-designed in the adulthood to enable us to live more autonomous and conscious life, engage fully in our relationships and enjoy ourselves having more freedom in our choices.

My Partners

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